Start date: 2020-02-03
Deadline: 5 days
Venue: Odesa, Ukraine

Odessa Special Training Center of the Ukrainian Private Military Company offers a training course for frogman training.

Theoretical lessons:

  • diving equipment, its tactical and technical characteristics and purpose;
  • preparation of diving equipment for use and checking its readiness;
  • physical and physiological features of diving slopes;
  • main types of diving works, works in different conditions;
  • diving diseases, first aid in case of diving diseases;
  • options for connection under water, main diving signals;
  • orientation under water;
  • ways to search for an object under water;
  • main types of ships' hulls and their elements, inspection of the underwater part of the ship's hull;
  • ways to lift an object from the bottom of the water area;
  • main types of hydraulic structures. Methods of their examination;
  • use of technical means of underwater communication.

Practical training:

  • assemblage a diving apparatus, checking it;
  • main malfunctions of diving equipment, ways of their elimination;
  • main sea nodes used in diving works;
  • underwater orienteering and communication;
  • search of the object under water;
  • elimination of typical malfunctions of diving equipment, actions in emergency situations;
  • lifting of the object from the bottom of the water area;
  • inspection of the ship's hull;
  • use of technical means of underwater communication.

Total duration - 40 hours.

All guest students are accommodated in a hostel.