The Odessa Centre for Special Training (CST) of Ukrainian private military company (UPMC) provides professional military training for civilian persons and enhancement of professional skills for servicemen of state power structures through a variety of special courses, such as:

  • firearms training;
  • tactical training;
  • paratrooper training;
  • diver training;
  • tactical medicine training;
  • training of specialists for protection of vessels and sea platforms;
  • military English training.

Firearms training programmes include:

  • studying of theory provisions, arms security and safety rules;
  • practical drills without rounds;
  • development of practical skills;
  • live shooting in closed and open range etc.

The course enables confident mastering of firearms, hitting targets quickly and precisely from different distances, developing shooting skills in closed spaces, vehicles during night time etc.

Tactical training includes the developing of tactical skills by small armed groups while:

  • securing vessels, sea platforms, pipelines, industrial and commercial facilities, international and diplomatic missions;
  • patrolling and escorting convoys in different critical situations including under skirmish conditions.

During the training the main attention is being paid on the developing of practical skills, resolving of of tactical tasks and situation simulations.

The paratrooper training includes:

  • studying parachute design;
  • parachute packing;
  • the sequence of actions during para jumping;
  • training to control the parachute while descending and landing onto trees and water;
  • practical para jumping.

Diving course includes:

  • theoretical knowledge studying;
  • diving trials accompanied by instructor;
  • acquiring of practical diving experience, night and deep diving, orientation under water;
  • developing first aid and rescue skills etc.

The tactical medicine course will teach you in:

  • first aid principles and methods in different conditions, individually and within a team;
  • effective applying of improvised means, individual and team medical kits, evacuation means etc.

Course on pre-hospital care in critical situations includes teaching in the rules of emergency resuscitation care and first aid on the spot.

The training of ship and sea platform security officers is organised in accordance with IMO, STCW and ISPS requirements and includes the training of:

  • vessel and company security officers;
  • anti-piracy team leaders;
  • carrying out security operations on the sea;
  • security and safety rules when working offshore and in emergency situations;
  • fire fighting and fire prevention;
  • providing first medical aid;
  • escaping from a submerged helicopter and;
  • survival techniques.

Military English Language course and English maritime terminology course are being conducted in accordance to the NATO STANAG 6001 and IMO requirements. A detailed information is to be acquired in the official website

After finishing successfully the Odessa CST of UPMC and passing all the tests, the students receive respective internationally recognised certificates.

All guest students are accommodated in a hostel.