The limited liability company “Ukrainian Private Military Company” (UPMC) provides risk management services to private and governmental clients in Ukraine and abroad with the purpose to support them in decision making process. The risk management process for our clients consists of the following phases:

  • definition or identification of risks;
  • environmental assessment, in particular: market assessment, demand assessment, existing product assessment, competitor’s assessment etc.;
  • analysis of similar situations;
  • preparing of expert’s report;
  • studying and analysis of existing legislation.

Risk assessment is being conducted through evaluation of impact and likelihood.

Risk management services also include presentation of summary report and proposals with regard to the planning of preventing the most dangerous and likely risks with the aim to outline the client’s response strategy. Doing so we ensure regular monitoring and control of risks.

UPMC guarantees implementation of informational, analytical, experts and consultation aspects by management and decision making process of clients.