Services offered by the Ukrainian Private Military Company to public customers all over the world make it possible to ensure security of offices, enterprises, population and missions. We conduct patrolling on demand of clients for achieving the following goals:

  • Supporting in maintaining of the state order;
  • Provision of humanitarian aid;
  • Implementation of measures of reconciliation and reduction of tensions;
  • Ensuring of free movement of population;
  • Identification and neutralization of terrorists or criminals;
  • Preventing infiltration/penetration into restricted areas;
  • Search for terrorists or criminals’ possible infiltration routes and traces of their presence;
  • Conducting search and rescue operations;
  • Assisting in implementing of border control, etc.

Our specialists are in possession of skills of rapid information processing and adequate reaction in emergency cases.

Patrol services are provided by UPMC exclusively in accordance with International and Ukrainian Laws, host country’s legislation, International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC), as well as legally established powers, rights and obligations.