The Ukrainian Private Military Company (UPMC) provides a variety of security services to public and private customers all over the world, namely:

  • Performs a security level assessment of an object (facility);
  • Gives recommendations with regard to basic measures and approaches for protection of an object;
  • Physical (close) protection (ensuring security of facilities, individuals and property through direct involvement of UPMC professionals and their presence in the area of facilities under protection). This means the provision of such services as:
    • Establishment of a check point system and other and other kinds of control in a facility;
    • Patrolling of the territory in and around a facility;
    • System of duties and round-the-clock surveillance of the object;
    • Escorting and close protection of individuals and cargo etc.
    • Maintaining of public order in areas of heavy flocks and mass public events

To ensure a comprehensive security, we offer to supplement the physical protection of a facility with technical security means that considerably enhance the security level and reduce threats. These services include:

  • Development of technical means of security, in particular development of individual layout of security system devices and selection of the necessary components;
  • Technical security elements:
    • Video monitoring;
    • Access control and management system;
    • Security alarm system with detectors of movement and penetration;
    • Fire security alarm system;
    • Alarm button;
    • Application of security monitoring service etc.

UPMC provides technical maintenance of security devices, functioning of the equipment and its components, centralised monitoring, as well as provides rapid response team services.