The level of informational security is to be defined by degree of protection of a local and remote network infrastructure as well as by ability to protect computer systems for unlawful hacking, blocking, data access, data stealing, contaminating and other intrusions into the working processes and actions with regard to information. Such unlawful attacks can have both internal and external character and cause damage to owners and users, which is difficult to prevent.

The Ukrainian Private Military Company offers services to develop and implement state-of-the-art solutions to increase security and protection of information, as well as individual servicing and adjusting to business tasks of clients.

Our main principles by providing IT-security services are:

  • ensuring integrity of information meaning protection against any kind of unlawful intrusion, which can cause losing, copying, formatting, cutting, creating, damaging or changing of important data, as well as minimizing of lineouts while transmitting information in a network;
  • assuring of confidentiality, particularly through implementing of selected access to information and comprehensive protection against intrusion;
  • supporting the accessibility of information, which reflects in permanent uninterrupted right of all users to get access to necessary data, to visit permitted information resources, to check and appeal against given requests etc (in cases of confirmation of authorization).

To be able to perform services effectively and in a timely manner, the members of our company possess the certificates of CISSP, SSCP and/or CCSP, which guarantee their high internationally recognized professional level.