The analysis and information services provided by the Ukrainian Private Military Company (UPMC) make it possible to satisfy all information demands and needs of our clients. For the purpose of an effective cooperation we offer both, a documental servicing (based on initial documents, necessary facts and conceptions) as well as factography (presenting facts directly). If needed, to ensure a more comprehensive approach by performing a task, our professionals will be able to conduct all necessarily research and present a detailed interpreted information.

In particular, the UPMC:

  • performs tasks in the field of information, research and development, analysis, synesis and evaluation/analysis of topical documents;
  • presents statistical, analytical, methodology, supplemental information, news, summaries (including on topical requests), other data;
  • conducts statistical, sociological, marketing research along with collection, processing and evaluation of obtained information;
  • performs data analysis and provides consultations with regard to commercial/non-commercial activities;
  • ensures scientific, informational, analytical investments to projects and methodological accompanying of their realization;
  • conducts marketing research of internal/external markets, information market and services, as well as public opinion research;
  • analyses good market conditions, organizes pro-active information and advertisement campaign aimed at increasing of selling of goods/services;
  • collects data about subjects of business activities, conducts vetting process of potential business partners, identifies unreliable or insolvent individuals;
  • collects openly accessed information on private persons and deals with pursuit and vetting of personnel as well as search for individuals.

Our specialists provide the whole range of analytical and information services in accordance with International, Ukrainian, local legislation and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).

The UPMC activities in this segment of services is particularly regulated by the Constitution of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian law “On information” and “On state secret”. In acceptance and supporting the principles of relations in the field of information displayed in these documents, we guarantee impartiality, completeness and accuracy of presented information along with full law compliance by information obtaining and storage.