Although the development of technical means of security is in progress, escorting of passengers/cargo remains important. There always exists a risk of emergency situations, e.g. assault on a transport, plunder, damaging or takeover of cargo, robbery and other violent actions over passengers.

This why it is recommended to ensure own safety and security as well as it of passengers and cargo provided by experienced guards who are trained to act under emergency conditions. Our specialists provide all required logistic of transportation, managing passenger and cargo movement in a professional manner as well as monitoring all information, financial and servicing changes.

In accordance with International, Ukrainian and local law of the countries of departure, transit and destination as well as ICoC, legally established authorizations, rights and obligations, the Ukrainian private military company:

  • evaluates respective threats and risks of the entire logistic chain;
  • prepares all necessarily state licenses for transportation of passengers/cargo;
  • organizes safe and secure storage, packaging, consolidation, customs clearance of cargo;
  • provides insurance against any kind of risks;
  • works out a most appropriate transportation route;
  • provides appropriate transportation means for shipping and escort, which are equipped by modern special and communication means;
  • establishes cooperation with customs and law enforcement agencies of the countries of departure, transit and destination;
  • ensures keeping of the whole confidentiality;
  • guarantees professional close protection of private persons and cargo;
  • provides permanent GPS-monitoring on the whole route of transportation.

Applying of security logistic approach during escorting and shipping makes it possible to coordinate activities of different kind of transportation and minimize risk of losses.