Provision of coast guard services by the Ukrainian Private Military Company UPMC means implementation of relevant measures all over the world as ordered by public customers, including:

  • Support in counteracting illegal migration, smuggling, poaching, and other illegal activities in territorial and inland waters;
  • Assistance in protecting state’s sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone and control over implementation of the rights and fulfilment of their obligations in the zone by other countries, legal and natural persons, and international organisations;
  • Development and provision of consulting services in the field of intelligence collection, information analysis and operational and search activities for the benefits of protecting state’s sovereign rights and counteracting illegal activities in accordance with the local legislation;
  • Participation in search and rescue operations on waters;
  • Support in implementing control over sailing and staying of non-military vessels and military ships in the territorial and inland waters, as well as calling of foreign non-military vessels and military ships into state’s internal waters and ports;
  • Assistance in preventing state border regime violations by vessels, military ships and floating means along the sea border.

Coast guard services will be provided by UPMC exclusively in accordance with International and Ukrainian laws, host country’s legislation, International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC), as well as legally established powers, rights and obligations.