In accordance to the Constitution of Ukraine and the provisions of the state act “About participation of citizens of Ukraine in the protection of social order and state border” the personnel of the Ukrainian Private Military Company are authorized to establish a “Public Formation”. This will allow them to participate in protection of social order and state border as well as to support local authorities, law enforcement agencies, State border guard service of Ukraine, executive authorities and officials and support them in terms of:

  • preventing and denial of administrative infractions and crimes;
  • protection of public health and human lives;
  • preserving of community and state interests against any unlawful encroachment;
  • rescue of people and property in case of natural disasters and other cases of emergency.

As an auxiliary formation for protection of civil order and state border, a public formation is to be established on the voluntarily base on a working place and acts as a specialized unit to support National police and State border guard service of Ukraine.