The Limited Liability Company “Ukrainian Private Military Company” (UPMC) has received the license for practising security activities in accordance with Order #253 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as of 29/03/2018 and in compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Economic Activities” and with “The Security Activities License Requirements” approved by Decree #960 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 18/11/2015.

Property and people protection services on the territory of Ukraine shall be provided by the Ukrainian Private Military Company in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Security Activities”:

  • Property protection means activities aimed at development and practical implementation of security measures intended to ensure immunity and integrity of buildings, constructions, territories, water areas, vehicles, currency assets, securities and other movable and immovable assets specified by the owner and belonging to him, in order to prevent, deny or terminate illegal actions against the property, secure its physical conditions, terminate access to it not authorised by the owner and ensure the owner to exercise all the powers authorised to him concerning the property;
  • Physical protection of individuals means development and practical implementation of security measures intended to ensure personal security, life and health of an individually specified person (group of persons) by means of preventing or denying direct negative impacts of illegal factors (activities or inactivities).

UPMC is a private company, which conducts security operations. For this reason its activities are based on regulations of International standards e.g ISO 18788, which is a management system for conducting of private security operations. This standard regulates creation, implementation, exploitation, monitoring, review, servicing and improvement of security operations management.

Also the UPMC is being guided by requirements of ICoC, Montreux Document (regarding respective international legal obligations of private security companies during an armed conflict).