The Ukrainian Private Military Company (UPMC) in its day-to-day activity is being guided by following main principles:

Recognition of the Rule of Law as well as national and international law: We work carefully on keeping all legal norms, which are relevant to our activities, in all respective regions and countries. We understand, that legal and ethical norms can have different national and religious peculiarities in different countries.

Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in every aspect of our activity, we build relationship with our clients on the base of straight dealing, objectivity and conscientiousness. We have been trying to cultivate professional and ethical behavior of all our employees, members and supporters of the UPMC, which shapes relationship with its competitors on the principles of free and fair competition by steady compliance with business ethical norms.

Perfection: We put the highest possible level of operative thoroughness. We encourage UPMC members to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, which are based on the high level of professionalism and performance of our personnel.

Dignity: UPMC shapes relationship with its personnel on the principles of adhering to the Human Rights and respect for individuals as well as creating of equal opportunities for each staff member. We respect rights, religious convictions and beliefs of our partners, clients, personnel and communities with which we work together.

Team cohesion: We have been trying to build up, unite and maintain the cohesion of our team, consisting of like-minded individuals with professional experience in different areas. Giving credit for individuality of everyone of our staff members, we work together as a team in order to achieve the objectives of our clients. Without any hesitation we deploy our personnel to the most remote and dangerous regions of the world using a set of our unique skills and practices to support our client’s missions.

We appreciate our staff members, stimulate them and provide them as members of our team and supporters with the opportunity to create innovative and pragmatic solutions of problems of the real world.

Advertisement and the means of promoting of services in the market shall always be based on facts and be provided in honest and rational manner. It is prohibited to give untruthful comments related to our competitors or their services and offers.