The Code of business ethics and conduct of the Ukrainian Private Military Company (UPMC) sets up a complex of high standards of ethical behavior, which determine actions and decisions and which we follow either inside of the working stuff of our company, but also while doing business and cooperating with clients, state authorities, citizens etc.

The reputation and future success of UPMC will highly depend on both, keeping the law, but also complying with the high ethical standards. This Code is being viewed as not just a simple formality, but as a resource of organizational development which contributes to increasing of the number of clients, rising of more investment for the purpose of the company’s activities and bettering of the company’s public image. It also demonstrates the company’s transparency and responsibility.

The Code does not describe all possible cases and situations with which a representative of UPMC may cope while performing his work. At the same time the document includes the key principles of business conduct, in particular:

  • common rules and principles of corporative conduct and ethical obligations;
  • principles of conduct of employees;
  • leadership responsibilities;
  • responsible conduct of business;
  • cooperation with state authorities;
  • responsibilities for violation against the Code of business ethics and conduct of the UPMC as well as for non-provision of the information with regard to such violations;
  • introduction of changes into the Code.

The presence of clear corporative standards and following them will help the employees of the company to make right decisions in difficult situations and provides protection in the cases of unlawful pressure or accusation for certain activities. It also allows to deliver high quality services in every area of our activities.